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Join us for 3 days and 2 nights for a one of a kind mountain bike retreat in the Western Uintas, Utah. 

The ALL NEW! Flow State: Slate Creek Mountain Bike Retreat is not like any other mountain bike retreat or camp out there. This retreat will give you the physical and mental tools to take your riding, your passions, and even your life to the next level.


We have teamed up with Professional Mountain Biker Eric Porter and Flow State specialist Brett Lechtenberg to bring you the most complete suite of skills to empower your riding and beyond. 


Flow State, also known as "being in the zone" is a mental state where bikers experience complete focus and immersion in the activity. During Flow, riders feel in control and effortlessly engage with the trail. 

Learning how to achieve flow state has great benefits. It enhances our riding experience, leading to improved performance and skill development. Being in flow boosts focus and creativity making challenging trails feel more manageable, and overall, it fosters a sense of joy and fulfillment. 


For 3 Days and 2 nights the renowned Castle Peak Yurt in the Western Uintas will be your home.  This styled out yurt is filled with the comforts of home while offering an incredible variety of trails in a remote mountain setting right out of our front door.

What makes this camp exceptional is the team of coaches. These men and women have decades of mountain biking and coaching experience. They have the hard skills you want to learn and the soft skills that help you enjoy the process. 

Whether looking to increase your technical riding proficiencies, step up your pre-trip planning so you can travel further off the beaten track or looking to get more comfortable hitting your local single track, this retreat is for you. 

Are you ready to LEVEL UP your performance on and off the bike? Then our team is ready for you! 

All you have to do is show up with your personal gear ready to learn and have fun and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Mountain Bike Retreat
July 15-17tth


“Inspired Summit is hands down the best guiding company around. Not only are the guides experts in mountain skills who know all the super secret locals-only spots, they are the type of people who you want to grab a beer with at the end of the day.” 


—  Becca B., Salt Lake City


Where do I sleep?

Participants will arrive to a fully stocked backcountry campus with a yurt and auxiliary glamping Canvas tents with cots and mattresses. 


What will the conditions be like?

We can't predict what the conditions will be like but we're hoping for a perfect peak fall weather in the Uintas. With cool nights and mid 60s during the day


Who are the guides? 

The guide team is made up of IMBA certified coaches, Professional Mountain Bikers and veteran guides who have dedicated much of their time to honing their craft as skilled bike coaches.  


Do you have other questions? 

Email us! 


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