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THE Pinnacle
Mountaineering CAMP 

The Next Frontier of

Summit Ski Camps

Welcome to the Alaska Range!



Inspired Summit is teaming up with Mountain Trip to offer

this exclusive first opportunity

​The Pinnacle Camp will be all the fun, community and mentorship that you have come to expect from Inspired Summit with the added inspiration of skiing amongst some of the largest mountains in the world.

This unique camp is for experienced backcountry skiers who are looking to take it to the next level. The Alaska Range is glaciated and provides a huge variety of ski opportunities from steep couloirs to wide-open glaciers. There’s something to challenge anyone. Exactly where we end up in the Alaska Range depends on weather and snow conditions, as well as the interests and abilities of the group.


We will be winter camping, spending the nights in our comfortable base camp, and exploring some of the best skiing in North America by day.

After flying into Anchorage,  we head North toward Denali National Park. We’ll launch from Talkeetna in a ski plane and land on a glacier where we’ll set up a comfortable base camp from which to ski tour and climb in the biggest mountains in North America.


“Inspired Summit is hands down the best guiding company around. Not only are the guides experts in mountain skills who know all the super secret locals-only spots, they are the type of people who you want to grab a beer with at the end of the day.” 


—  Becca B., Salt Lake City


Where do I sleep?

Participants will arrive to pre-setup base camp kitchen. You will learn how to setup your mountaineering tents, and learn skills that go along with sleeping in snowy mountain-terrain


What will the conditions be like?

We can't predict what the conditions will be like but we're hoping for a diurnal melt-freeze cycle which make for great ski objectives and easy spring travel. Or maybe even a spring storm cycle that will give us some fresh powder. It's Alaska, anything can happen! 


Who are the guides? 

Lead Guide Matt Park has been running trips in the Alaska range since 2018 and has guided multiple camps, routes, and glaciers in the range. Shaun and Weston Deutschlander are AMGA Certified Ski Guide and Assistant Ski Guides and have experience skiing in the Kenai Peninsula, Talkeetna and Valdez.

What is the elevation of camp?

While we have many options for camp we will likely be camping around 5600'


Do you have other questions? 

Email us! 


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