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Getting into the mountains is as important as ever. The refuge they offer, as well as the opportunity for wellness, solitude, and adventure, are invaluable. Relative to all the ways our country is starting to “open up,” outdoor recreation is a recommended and lower risk way to return to normalcy. 

As the spread of COVID-19 decreases and the rate of vaccination increases, Inspired Summit has relaxed many of our COVID-19 protocols. Fully vaccinated guests and guides do not need to wear a mask and we are returning to normal food service for our multi-day trips. Based on the most current science we will no longer be quarantining our equipment or rotating it through “time-out” phases.

Groups with unvaccinated guests and/or guides will need to wear face coverings if social distance cannot be maintained. 

We will continue to encourage good hand hygiene as this remains a best practice with or without a pandemic.

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