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Bike BackPackIng

A truly unique way to experience nature and explore the mountains

NEW for 2018! We're excited to offer bike camping: backpacking trip meets single track pedaling bliss! This unique trip is designed for the rider who is looking for that next adventure. Look beyond the Park City trail system we get to share incredible singletrack by day and stories around a campfire by night. Whether you want to bike into camp and set up your own tent or arrive to a fully styled out campsite where beverages and appetizers await, we've got you covered.


Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Bike Packing experience with our backcountry Yurt. Powered in partnership with White Pine Touring our Yurt camping is the best of all worlds. The comfort of a semi-permanent structure with camp stove, bunk beds and the seclusion of being deep in the Uinta mountains with a campfire and trails all around.


3-5 people $500 person/ per day.


2 people $550 person/per day 


*Food Included

The Uintas, Strawberry Narrows

This is a completely customized itinerary with mileage and route developed for your needs, fitness and interest level.


Our highly trained and certified LNT  backcountry guide(s) provide expert knowledge of the area, trails, backpacking techniques, campsite selection, setup and backcountry cooking.


“Inspired Summit is hands down the best guiding company around. Not only are the guides experts in mountain skills who know all the super secret locals-only spots, they are the type of people who you want to grab a beer with at the end of the day.” 


—  Becca B., Salt Lake City


Do I need backpacking equipment?

No. We have you covered. We supply everything from tents, sleeping bags, liners and everything in between! 


Do I need biking equipment?

Yes. Please bring all the bike gear you would need for a day on the trails (bike, helmet, shoes, gloves). We offer a great deal on mountain bike rentals through our partnership with White Pine Touring


What are the trails like?

There are options for smooth, rolling tight single track through a mix of Aspen, pine, and sage and more technical routes that descend, climb  and meander through beautiful aspen and Pine Forest leading to alpine lakes.


How fit do I have to be?

Your guide will work with you to create an itinerary that works with your fitness level, but you should be fit enough that riding your bike for 4-6 hour a day for a couple days sounds fun.  


What if I’m not sure I’ll like the camping?

We got you covered. We have many different options for camping styles. Everything from most basic to a beautiful backcountry Yurt that has bunk beds. We can work with you to find the right balance for you.


How does the food work?

Our guides are seasoned (pun intended) backcountry chefs and will work with you before your trip to customize a menu that fits your taste and budget.


What happens if it rains?

Mountain weather changes quickly and storms do come and go during the summer months. When it rains, our team is equipped to create rain shelters that provide common space for hanging out next to a warm campfire. Rainy afternoons camping can be the most relaxing kind of days! 



How do I know this adventure is for me?

Our guided backpacking biking trips are for those who like to bike and seek new adventures. Do you want to explore the further reaches of the mountain landscape and maybe even swim in a glacial lake high in the alpine? This adventure is for anyone who wants to get outside their comfort zone and explore a new area while learning a thing or two about themselves. This adventure seriously won't disappoint! 


How many miles will we go?

Your itinerary will be made to fit your needs and mileage will be picked by you and your guide. But a good estimate is anywhere from 5-10 miles a day. We could go more depending on your experience level and objective! 

Is transportation provided?

Yes, we provide a door to door experience for those within the Park City limits. Our guides want to get to know you and this gives us a chance to learn more about you!


What if we have other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 435.640.4421 or email


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