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Yurt? Isn't that some sort of tent from Mongolia????

Yes, technically a yurt is a portable, round tent covered in some sort of fabric or animal hide, and traditionally they have been used by nomadic cultures or groups in the steppes of Central Asia for shelter.  But, here at Inspired Summit we believe a yurt is so much more.  We believe a yurt is a gathering space for families and friends to share adventures, laughs and stories.  We believe a yurt brings us closer to the ones we share it with, and to the environment in which it exists.  We believe a yurt builds bonds, and memories that last a lifetime.  

Inspired Summit Adventures is proud to be the owner and steward of the Castle Peak Yurt high in the Western Uinta Mountains of Utah.  We take this role seriously and aim to continue the legacy of the Castle Peak Yurt, and the yurt experience in the Uinta Mountains going strong for generations to come.  

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