Open your self to the beauty that the snowy mountains have to offer. Wether you are looking for a quick jaunt in the mountains around Park City or an all day exploration of near and far, traveling via snowshoes is one of the most spectacular ways to experience the outdoors.

This 3 hour Snowshoe explores the local mountains around Park City. Whether you are looking for a casual walk in the valley or a more strenuous climb up the steep mountain side this is a great way to spend a few hours and awaken the senses.

3hr $175 1st person $50 each additional

This full day experience allows us to go deeper into the Park City mountain or explore a private oasis at Thousand Peaks Ranch in the Uintas. Either way you will experience the serenity and utter beauty that unfolds as we walk through the pristine white mountains.

5hr $275 1st Person $75 each additional